Story of a Wooden Horse

Author: Francesca Marina Costa

Illustrations by: Francesca Marina Costa

Pages: 28-32  size: 21x29cm
Age: +5 years

Available for: all languages

What is the mission of a decoration if not to bring joy? The protagonist of this story, a small wooden horse for Christmas tree decoration, switches from happiness, as he is admired by everyone, to sadness by being forgotten under the couch. And yet here, lonely and disconsolate, he meets the house cat who makes him his toy. He develops a close friendship with the kitten. Until when, just as another misfortune was about to hit him again, he finds himself in the hands of a new friend, an elderly homeless man who has many stories to tell.


About the author

Francesca Marina Costa graduated from the Caravaggio Art School in Milan. After completing the illustration course at the School of Comics in Milan and a course in Visual Merchandising, she had a long teaching experience in private drawing and art courses.
She is president and art-director of Mini G4m3s Studio, an RPG production and publishing house, since 2010.