Bimbobono, the Little Wizard

Authors: F. Sguera, C. De Pinto
Illustrator: Marco Fabbri

Pages: 28-32  size: 25x25cm
Age: +5 years

Available for: all languages

(provisional cover)

The Little Wizard Bimbobono volunteers, against a sweet reward, to defeat an evil Ogre who threatens his village… After embarking on an adventure to get hold of a powerful magic wand, he manages to change the ogre’s grim appearance and discover his true nature. The reward reveals why, even today, wizards wear a pointed hat… The fairy tale deals with the important issue of bullying and how to help certain so-called ‘bad boys’ to discover their good nature.


About the authors

Francesco Sguera e Carmen De Pintoare the founders of the theatre company ‘Room to Play’ in Barletta. Both graduates from the University of Pisa, they have been working for years with schools where they bring their stories through highly engaging workshops. They also run a theatre school with over a hundred pupils aged between 3 and 15.

Marco Fabbri cultivates his innate passion for drawing as a self-taught. 
After graduating from university, he works as a visualizer and illustrator for a small creative agency in Milan.
In 2016 he enrolled in the three-year course of Illustration by the Castello Sforzesco Scuola Superiore d’Arti Applicate, in Milan, where he obtained his diploma in June 2019, then joining the teaching staff.
Parallel to his studies, he continues the activity of illustrator for board games and collaborates with the self-production collective “Casa Ailus”.