The House of Imperfect Objects

Author: Anna Brunello

Illustrator: Anna Brunello

Pages: 24  size: 21x16cm
Age: +7 years

Available for: all languages

(provisional cover)

The house of imperfect objects talks about life and love, words are an excuse to remind us of memories that are as sweet as childhood memories.
They remind us of the scent of childhood and of those delightful small details that we notice only when we are kids and that will stay with us forever.
Tiny memories which, all of a sudden, clearly reappear and which nostalgia transforms into a hint of a smile or a sweet, invisible tear.


About the author

Anna Brunello has a degree in Design from the Faculty of Architecture in Turin. She has always worked in the field of graphics and communication, mostly in the fashion accessory industry. She has always been passionate about freehand drawing and has developed an increasing interest in the world of children’s book illustration. She attends technical watercolour courses in her home town and summer courses at the international school in Sarmede.