A Fantastic Land. 20 Regional Bedtime Fairy Tales

Author: Stella Nosella

Illustrator: Valentina Vanasia

Pages: 40  Size: 21x21cm
Age: +4 years

Available in: all languages

Topics and strengths of the book
  • Oral traditions.
  • Important values of life.
  • Very trendy fantasy illustration.

A book written as a tribute to the variety of the Italian peninsula. The result of a long research, selection and rewriting of Italian regional stories. Twenty stories, one for each region, of equal length, harmoniously drawn up so that they can be read in about five minutes.
Through this journey through the Italian oral traditions.


About the author

Stella Nosella is an Italian writer of children’s fiction. Her debut novel Sebastian’s Chronicles — Books That Do Not Exist (Capponi Editore) was nominated for the prestigious Premio Strega Award, literature for girls and boys 2019. Stella has a great passion for history and has been one of the foremost lecturers and classroom readers in the Veneto region of Italy. Furthermore, Stella has worked for many years in supporting children’s charities and is an ambassador for charities such as #ioleggoperché, that collaborates with #ilvenetolegge and #libriamoci which have been selected for the #primaeffe Feltrinelli project for the school district.

Valentina Vanasia expanded her knowledge at the famous Brera Academy (Italy) where she graduated in illustration – as well as 2D and 3D animation –, sound design and light design. 
Curiosity leads her to find continuous inspiration from multiple sources, such as books, films, comics, video games and music. After the first small commissions, he began his activity as an illustrator.