Introduce yourself

Manuscripts and editorial proposals can be sent to the e-mail address

How introduce your illustrated works, portfolio and comics

Illustrated works should to be send by an e-mail message with attachments (please no more than 5 MB) with a presentation text of the work, small images and one or more links to the illustration works, or a link to the author’s online portfolio.

How introduce your manuscript

The evaluation proposals and manuscripts must be sent combining in a single pdf file (possibly saved as AUTHORNAME_TITLE) a biobibliographic form of the author, a complete synopsis of the work, and the complete work (with numbered pages).

It is recommended to indicate, in the biobibliographic form, all the contact details of the author, date and place of birth, residence. The synopsis should be complete but must not exceed a text folder. It is useful that the author draws up a short card of the main characters and indicates the genre of the book.

The evaluations of the materials sent will take no less than three months.