The Eyeless Little Girl

Author: Alessandra Dalla Nora

Pages: 40  Size: 21x21cm
Age: +4 years

Available in: all languages except Italian

Topics and strengths of the book
  • Friendship. 
  • Moods related to the loss of something.
  • To recognize the key values of life.
  • To take care of the most unfortunate ones.
  • To give due weight to material objects or temporary fashions.
  • Very trendy gothic illustration with successful sales such as “Amelia fang” and “Mortina”.

This is the story of Morgana, a funny little girl who, one day, traded her naughty eyes for a box of 10 chocolates… But when she realizes she has finished them, she will understand that she has given up something really important for something trivial and fleeting.

Morgana gets scared, angry, jealous and becomes arrogant while looking for a new eyesight… nevertheless her friends are still by her side ready to support and help her in this time of hardship. Only when she understands that the important things in life are relationships, affection, love… will she return to see the world with new and colourful eyes.


The author

Alessandra Dalla Nora born in 1988. After graduating in illustration at the comics school of Padua, Alessandra works in the field of graphics, murals and develops her passion for miniatures, dolls and paper jewelry. In 2018 her exhibition Delicate Restlessness was a great success, reaching 10.000 visitors in a week. She holds illustration courses for kindergarten and primary school children. The eyeless little girl is her first publication.