L’orto della cultura – books

The publishing house L’Orto della Cultura was born in 2011 from the thirty-year experience of the Editrice Leonardo, in synergy with its reference territory, Friuli Venezia Giulia.
The rich catalog stands out for the interesting series dedicated to Friulian history and culture, for editorial projects in disciplines such as philosophy, law, economics, fine arts, painting, photography, manuals, the culinary art series, fiction and the prestigious line of literature for children and young people for which the publishing house received, in 2015, the second prize of the third edition of the EditoRE National Publishing Award for children.
With passion and competence, L’Orto della Cultura gives voice to the emotions and thoughts of the authors, and pays attention to the news of the publishing market to design and disseminate culture, the foundation of a mature society.
It has always been a partner in important institutional projects with Schools, Universities, Bodies, Regions, Provinces and Municipalities, Equal Opportunity Committees, Hospitals, Associations, Conservatories, Civic and Archaeological Museums, Library Systems. For some years the publishing house has successfully conceived and organized the artistic-literary festival “Cantiere Donna” with the collaboration of the Museum of Carriages and the Municipality of Codroipo. With the collaboration of its authors and trainers, it offers important related cultural activities, such as book presentations, projects related to Didactics and Training: creative writing laboratories, workshops and communication and personal development courses for schools, teachers and adults and research activities in different areas.